Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sweet & Soft :: Received

It is apparently better to "give than receive"... but I am not sure about this, as I seem to be doing alot of receiving. I also have been feeling the tinge of guilt as it has taken me a long time to write this post... The longer I put it off, the harder it seemed to get to it. A weird law of the universe... methinks.

Little Miss Softie Pincushion head is a lovely gift from Nicky... I have been browsing longingly on the Maminka site for a while now... Mitsuko lovingly hand paints her goodies and packages them up with a handmade tag... her site says she wants to make things with "a mother's affection". She has achieved this I think. It is a joy to stick pins into this little happy one, she never complains, always smiles & holds on to my reels aswell.

The rest of my gift was the fabulous felt book that has been popping up all over the place. It really is a keeper...lots of inspiring images and most of them are very achievable. I have stopped buying those craft books that are way beyond my skill level! They are only good for reading in bed!

The source of most of my guilt came from a magazine swap with Sally... a package of goodies including the Martha Stewart Holiday special arrived on my doorstep a month and more ago. Yet my package didn't arrive on her doorstep until this week. Phew! I can finally let myself have a read, and as it is filled with warming goodies which is great as it is starting to cool down here.

And finally the lovely Italian lady "up the road" has given me a bag of vintage buttons... I think they have been accumulating from around since the 60's. Some still have their threads attached and they smell like moth balls!

Now I finally got that all off my chest I had better concentrate on the "give" part of the old saying... T

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sweet Inspiration :: got Japanese milk?

When ever I get the chance to lay my hands on some serious overseas magazine goodies.... I always look for the the French kids magazine Milk. Imagine my excitement when I found the Japanese version! Without even a thought about excess luggage I snapped it up, in total I came away with 4 kids magazines. I think I am addicted!

I tried to pick only one favourite page but this was impossible! There is a fashion spread of young ones discovering butterflies, American Indians and fairy princesses in a library. This one of being shrunk to the height of 5 gummy bears is so fun... When I was little I could spend hours looking out the window reading & imagining... it has got to be better for the brain than TV!

They also featured a French store "Not so big" which is hidden down a winding alley near Etienne Marcel... (I think an out post has opened in Japan somewhere). I got a couple of friends some treasures in there and listened to another Aussie couple whispering about the amazing toys. It was fun to hear their wonderment and I couldn't agree more... just take a look at the wall pockets! They also had some pram toys that are stacks of softies which inspired me to create this for Nicky's little bub.

I wish I could whip up some of the gorgeous clothes for Nicky's little one, but I think I have become a bit of a softie maker and it is becoming difficult to think things up that don't need stuffing! T

P.S Sorry about any spelling mistakes, new blogger is driving me a wee bit crazy!

Milk Magazine
No.1 / 2007 Spring
1. Cover
2. pg 147
3. pg 88

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sweet Eats :: Oh La La! Is that patisserie for moi?

Oh yes! I ate in Paris... and I am afraid this will be a rather photo filled post. I am not a big fan of browsing through other people's volumes of the European trip (making it to Europe is a big deal for us Aussies!)... so I am sorry about being terribly self indulgent! Above is moi & my invaluable friend who seeks out great foodie place in Paris... being very indulgent at "Chartier".

Paris Eats ::

7 Rue du Faubourg MONMATRE 75009 Paris
A favourite for tourists as it is tucked away down an alley, fabulous waistcoated waiters (ours was number 5!), amazing atmosphere of twinkling lights and shared table. The food? Not mind blowing fare but simple and satisfying on a winter night. This place has the "feeling" of Paris, that as a visitor you think it should have... romantic and old wordly.

Paris Sweets ::

Raspberry Financier (buttery goodness),Gerard Mulot's delicious cherry clafoutis and a mille- feuille.
And all were for me! Okay I shared with the boy, but I still ate most of it.

Paris Parks :: Jardin du Luxemborg

This is where I see the real Parisians... walking in the park...

reading in the park... playing in the park...

Just being...

I can't help it... I love Paris. T

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sweet Inspiration :: Nursery in progress (Part 1)

The nursery is slowly coming along and currently taking pride of place is this gorgeous wooden cut-out hanging. After spotting it in a magazine (twice!), I just had to hunt it down! I ended up ordering it directly from the designer, Miranda from Bride & Wolfe based in Melbourne. What a talent...I'm just in awe of people who can design and make pieces like this. Here is a bit more detail:

I just love the delicacy of the whole piece and its whimsical nature...with its birds, bunnies, squirrels & butterflies. I've hung it near the cot and think little bubba will love it waking up from his/her slumber. And at least I will have something lovely to look at as I spend many bleary-eyed hours in the nursery!
Tiff is belly really is getting bigger and it's not long to go now...last week the doctor said bubba is heading south! I'm glad he/she knows which way to go! N


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sew Sweet :: Home Sweet Home

I am home... and it is so nice... I mean't to write a post about going away. I had plans to make a travel wallet out of some scumptious fabric I have tucked away. But of course I never got around to it, time spend up and suddenly it was time to run for the gate to jump on the plane... yes we really did have to run.

We went to London, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Tokyo and then onto home. Lots of washing to do... dog walking to make up with my loyal buddy and goodies to unwrap! The 3 above are my new favourite mug... it is super cute and broke down my "no breakables" resolve! My boy always knew I was going to crumble! Harrods teabags... if you love tea, it is hard to go past this slightly luxurious leaf for flavour. Lenotre sweets... Paris goodies, yum, yum!

I am not sure why fabric makes my heart beat with joy... and my muscles strain from carrying this lot! But I couldn't help it! Here are the additions to my stash!

The grey and white canvas makes me sooooo smiliey! I bought it because I wanted an Orla Keily tote with similar fabric but I couldn't sling it over my shoulder with ease. I giggled when I read "Sally" was up to the same tote envy... so hopefully you will be seeing my version soon!

Cutie goodness... hopefully I will be making some things for Nicky's baby. Her belly is getting bigger and bigger so I feel my time is running out... as the little bub might be swimming for the gate soon! T

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sweet & Soft :: Jorgen

This here is little Jorgen. He wants to be an Ikea designer when he grows up & you will normally find him gorging on his favourite...key lime pie!
He is currently residing in a gallery in the tropical climes of Palm Cove in far north Queensland, where he hopes to be lovingly adopted by a passing tourist! N