Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sweet Eats :: All the fun of the fair!

When Easter hits Sydney so does the fever of the Royal Easter show... the country comes to the city. Think... sticky fingers, zillions of people, show bags, hay, cute animals & related smells... and for Nicky & I the most important destination is the Country Women's Association's (CWA) Tearoom.

We have been engrossed in "Not just Tea and Scones" a documentary all about the CWA... the ladies, their baking and community exploits. So despite Nicky's 8 and a half months preggas belly we headed out to try some of their famous scones with cream & jam... and so did everyone else! The line curled around 50 people deep. But is was worth the wait as they were straight out of the oven... warm and delicious. We each bought a 1/2 dozen to take home, fruit cake and some jam... best show bag around we reckoned!

With our tummies full we moved onto the cake judging area.... can you see the three guys in the background? They were earnestly discussing the Sultana Cakes... the judging criteria includes even distribution of fruit, the absence of rack marks and even colour. They had obviously been watching the documentary too!

Amazing gigantic Sushi cake and Dr Seuss Cake...

If you would like a CWA recipe for a Sultana cake, fruit cake, scones or even a chocolate cake they have some on their site. And the best news is that they don't look hard at all.... so maybe Nicky & I might enter next year! Just for a giggle!

And some other highlights...
The three pigs...

Their cousins the Wessex Saddleback three pigs...

Goats in polkadot coats...

And the amazing display made from fruit and seeds by the Northern District... By the way, all the scones are gone now, so we will just have to wait til next year. T

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Blogger Ali said...

Love that goat in his coat!

The mysterious world of produce shows.... there is one held each September in our village and I have never ever had the nerve to enter. Maybe this year.

Shame you didn't manage to play the heavily pregnant card to jump the scone queue!

4:39 pm, April 13, 2007  
Blogger SadieandLance said...

I love the Easter Show! And I always think there should be more sultanas in the sultana cakes than those CWA ladies seem to say.

Did you see the baby chicken hatching display in the bird pavillion? That's the only thing worth seeing in the bird pavillion I reckon - it's way too stinky in there!

4:44 pm, April 15, 2007  
Blogger Sweet Treat said...

Ali... we should have used your advice! Maybe next year Nicky can use the screaming child as an excuse!!!
No I didn't see the hatching baby chicks! I would have loved that... but some of the animal pavillions really were a bit too pungent.

9:08 am, April 16, 2007  

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