Thursday, May 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Finally we have reached the calm oasis stage in moving house... at least on my side of the bed! And it seems about time I got around to posting on our much neglected blog.

Moving house is something that I am usually good at... we move every 1- 2 years. This time it didn't seem to go to plan! Instead of a week and a half to move as planned... the boy had to go overseas for work and we were left to move in half a week.... Operation Stuff-It-In-A- Box began. Things are still in boxes... but I can see the light at the end of the cardboard tunnel now. Phew!

The new place is lovely. We have a shared courtyard that kids and dogs run about in... I knew three of my neighbours before we came to live here and it is so nice to bump into friends at the garbage bins! I also get to listen to the conversations between the 4 year olds that live either side of me. They are so funny and so serious!

The calm oasis has definitely not reached my office... I have rearranged everything about 5 times and still it isn't right! So no pictures to show you just yet... the falling leaves outside my window will have to suffice. Our little garden is currently just weeds but I have a couple of weeks to plant some strawberries before it gets too cold... and I don't want to miss out on home grown strawberries! T

P.S I am sure Nicky will get around to posting some pics of the little sweet one soon... at the moment she is grappling with all changes and the humongous amount of washing!



Blogger sulu-design said...

Such big changes for you both! I wish you well withim the moving in and settling, and in the washing department, too. Can't wait to see the sweetest little treat of all!

8:29 am, May 18, 2007  

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