Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sweet Inspiration :: Nursery tales (Part 2)

I have been bitten by the international on-line shopping bug. I'm loving the anticipation of receiving a package from the other side of the world. Can I use little bubba as an excuse for this behaviour? Well....too late, I have. And so some new additions have been made to the nursery including this lovely boxart collage of a spotty baby giraffe by artist Kate George. I purchased it from the gorgeous Papa Stour...a treasure trove of beautiful things designed and made by Scottish artists. Sweet.

Whilst shopping for Tiff's pincushion on Maminka (see previous post)...I couldn't resist these little handpainted boy & girl ornaments. I think they're meant to be Christmas ornaments, but they're too sweet to put away for the rest of the year!

And finally....this package of yummy fabrics arrived from Reprodepot this morning. Some cutie Japanese hedgehog fabric which we've spied in Tokyo before...and some lovely Westfalenstoffe fabric from Germany:

Tiff has mentioned her fear of online shopping...but I am trying to convince her otherwise! I keep telling her it's totally safe and it's so easy to click on "Add to shopping cart". Ok, who am I kidding...maybe it's a little TOO easy once you start! N

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Anonymous hiho said...

Hi N,I like the artwork - so unique!And the fabrics look good too.I hope to eventually see your little bub's nursery, sounds like you've put quite some thought and effort into it.I'm sure he/she will love it.S

7:52 am, April 05, 2007  

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