Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sweetest bundle of joy :: Jamie

At last I introduce to you our little bundle of joy....Jamie. So comfy was he in my womb the little one didn't want to come out, but my boredom & impatience was abated when my waters broke while the hubbie & I were out shopping for a new frypan!? Lucky we were only 5 minutes from home/hospital, but I'm glad it all happened rather unexpectedly!

Anyways, Jamie arrived almost a week late on the 29 April, weighing in at a healthy 3.47kg (or 7lb 10oz). The delivery didn't quite go to plan, but all those thoughts went out the window when we first laid our eyes on him and he came out healthy & screaming!! And when he revealed his cute dimples to us on day one, my heart just melted....

Here he is in Poppa's arms charming us with his cheeky cuteness....

Displaying his Houdini skills unravelling from his wrap....

Some bonding time with Mum.....

Sleeping soundly in Dad's arms....

And here is Mr Dimples once again...

Thanks to everyone for all your congratulatory comments & good wishes. We've had fantastic family support too...we've only had to cook once in the last 2 weeks! Let's just say our mums have been putting ginger in everything (the Chinese are very big on the healing properties of ginger) and even the hubbie has been sneaking it in his cooking! I think I'm almost over it!

Nevertheless, I'm really enjoying motherhood - it's not as manic as I thought it would be....yet! I'm not sure if it's because so far Jamie's feeding and sleeping pretty well. I'm still waiting for the scary unsettled period everyone is telling me's only a matter of time! But even when I'm up in the wee hours of the morning feeding him, he still makes me laugh with his mid-feed farting, his burping, funny faces, & his post-feed milk comas. The tiredness (& that humongous amount of washing this little guy generates) is all worth it...I just love him to bits. And I can't stop kissing those juicy cheeks. That's the best bit of all! N


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Finally we have reached the calm oasis stage in moving house... at least on my side of the bed! And it seems about time I got around to posting on our much neglected blog.

Moving house is something that I am usually good at... we move every 1- 2 years. This time it didn't seem to go to plan! Instead of a week and a half to move as planned... the boy had to go overseas for work and we were left to move in half a week.... Operation Stuff-It-In-A- Box began. Things are still in boxes... but I can see the light at the end of the cardboard tunnel now. Phew!

The new place is lovely. We have a shared courtyard that kids and dogs run about in... I knew three of my neighbours before we came to live here and it is so nice to bump into friends at the garbage bins! I also get to listen to the conversations between the 4 year olds that live either side of me. They are so funny and so serious!

The calm oasis has definitely not reached my office... I have rearranged everything about 5 times and still it isn't right! So no pictures to show you just yet... the falling leaves outside my window will have to suffice. Our little garden is currently just weeds but I have a couple of weeks to plant some strawberries before it gets too cold... and I don't want to miss out on home grown strawberries! T

P.S I am sure Nicky will get around to posting some pics of the little sweet one soon... at the moment she is grappling with all changes and the humongous amount of washing!


Friday, May 04, 2007

Sweetness has arrived!

Hullo all... just a quick little note to let you know that the little bub has arrived. Mum & the sweet little one are happy and healthy! I will let Nicky fill you in on all the details... T

P.S Still waiting for the internet to be turned on at home... so it might stay a bit quiet around here for a little longer